Jingxing Li Technical Artist
︎ jxlee1214@gmail.com

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Jingxing Li
Technical Artist
︎ jxlee1214@gmail.com

3D General

Modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging

Character: Helmet Man

Sculpting: ZBrush, 
Texturing and material: Blender 
Hair and eyelash: Blender particle system

Rigging: body rigs based on Mixamo autorig. Face rig is based on the Rigify addon. I ally the face rig template to  character’s face. Then I parent face rig to the body, with auto weight paint for the face.

References for helmet material.

Character: Mary

Sculpting: ZBrush
Texturing: Substance Painter
Rendering: Maya

3D Printing: Head Bone for Furry

Sculpting: ZBrush

Procedural Modeling

Software: Blender